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"It's my womb!"

"No, damn it, it's my womb!"

It's an established fact that twins fight in the womb.

In twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, one identical twin
siphons blood away from the other.

If stealing blood wasn’t bad enough, in cases of vanishing
twin syndrome, a foetus will absorb their weaker uterine
companion until it miscarries or simply “vanishes”.

Now take a guess and tell me.

What this fight is for?

Hint: Darwin.

'Survival of the fittest'.


In email marketing - only the fittest email survives
the delete button.

If your email ain't good and catchy enough - forget that
your subscriber gonna buy from you - heck even give it a read.

Lemme explain.

When your email is opened - you only get half a second to
make an impression.

If your email happens to be a low grade and
typical check-this-out-money-machine type of
email - delete button is not that far away for your subscriber.

Simply put - you need a bait - an interesting bait - that instantly
grabs the users attention.

The reason you have read this email so far is because of
the hook I have used.

Tell me honestly.

Did you expect that I would be talking twins and wombs
on a sales page?

You didn't.


It got your attention.

Didn't it.

And that, my friends, proves: 'Good emails ain't easy
to ignore'.

And today, you have the opportunity to grab emails from me for an insanely low price. (though not so cheap, I mean, you get what you pay for!

With emails you get from me:

you’ll get:

You increase your open rates

You are going to make a long-lasting relationship (so your list doesn't die or burn quickly)

Increase sales without looking like another schmuck

But hold on...

Impressing your list ain't enough.

Even relationship with your list doesn't matter.

If your email doesn't make you sales - there ain't no
need to bother about relationships and making impressions.

I hear ya.

So, the million dollar question is.

Does these emails make sales?

You betcha, boy.

Want proof?

Using the same emails, I have been converting
at 29% (unheard of in IM community) while promoting
different products and helping affiliates top the leader boards
left and right.

But don't take my words.

How about a real life proof in front of your eyes - like right now.

Then look.

You have read this far - that means, you like the kind of emails I write.

And any moment now, you gonna reserve a spot for yourself.

That means I get a sale.

So, if these emails can bring me sales - they will work for you too :)

How about some more proof?

Well, then, here goes the real power of infotainment emails.

Below are 2 emails.

1 is a typical IM email and 2 is an infotainment email.

After reading theses emails.

Ask yourself JUST 2 things.

1. Which email is good or which one are you going to delete right away?

2. Which email would you like to buy from?

EMAIL 1 – The ‘Typical Sh*t’


Have You Seen This Yet?
Check This Out 2 Hours Left


Hey Guys,

Don't miss this before they take it down.

=> Get XYZ before it's closed.

This software is very powerful and they don't want
to leave it open much longer.

After the countdown hits zero they will raise the
price almost 3 times take look:

=> Hurry before they take this down.

It really will be your last chance to get this at the
extremely discounted price.

They said it would be open for 7 days and they will be
keeping their word...

=> But you can still get it right now.

Above is a typical email you get in your inbox - every other day ( bad - every other hour). I don't know about you but I delete them the moment I see 'em.

EMAIL 2 – The ‘Not So Typical’


[Disclaimer] This Ain't By No Mistake

Unbelievable Things In An Unbelievable World



Now, that ain't no mistake.

Disclaimer: Neither my kid was messing with the keyboard.

That long 58 character 'thing' above is the name of
a town in Wales.

When I got to know about it.

My first impression was like.

WHAT the heck.

I mean, unbelievable.

But then.

There are so many unbelievable things that happen
in our crazy world.


Every other organ can get cancer - but not the heart.

Or better yet.

Yours and mine tiny brains each can hold 1 million gigabytes
of data. (how much have you used btw?)


My point bein' - even in internet marketing world, once in a blue moon
things happen that are almost unbelievable.

For instance. I yelled 'unbelievable' the other day
when I saw this software, my friend just launched.


I mean, this is so powerful - one finds it hard to believe.

Since the proof is in the pudding as they say.

Why not check the sales page and see all the proofs and
you will realize how people like you are generating sales
after sales - and kinda in insane numbers.




By the way.

They are raising the price in next 3 hours.

I would hush up things and get it fast if I was you.

To your success,

Now ask yourself the 2 questions I asked elsewhere.

If your answers are for infotainment emails.


You already know what to do.

'Yeah, I get you cowboy - reserving my spot right away'

Big dawgs say this 'bout ma emails yo:

"Played a HUGE Role"

"This is the guy who has increased my business tremendously. My list loves me (and everything I recommend them) and I think Ali’s emails definitely played a HUGE role."

- Austin E. Anthony (Internet Marketer & Product Launch Specialist)

"LOVE your emails"

"I simply LOVE your emails. Almost every promo you wrote for me brought me tons of sales. I am your life-long customer for sure."

- Alex Costan (Internet Marketer & Software Developer)

"FLAT OUT work"

"Your emails are unique, full of humor and really a lot different – and they flat out work, enough said!"

- Rodrigo Werner (Internet Marketer & Web Designer)

Pricing Structure

PREMIUM Sequence of 10 EMAILS @ $997

(You only pay once we have discussed (contact me) your project or needs in details)

ONE email

Premium infotainment email

Delivered in 24 hours


$97/ email Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by

Prior reservation required

10 emails sequence

Premium infotainment 10 emails sequence to boost your business to new heights

Delivered in 48 hours


$997/10 emails sequence Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by

Prior reservation required

You get ‘infotainment’ email(s) from me that will hook your subscribers and their attention (the moment it lands in their inboxes), possibly make them say WOW and make them click on any link you tell ‘em to click – the result – you make sales…SIMPLE

Ready To Discuss Your Next BEST Email Sequence?

We talk, we discuss thoroughly and only then you pay, easy peasy japanese!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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They say, ‘you can’t keep everyone happy but I disagree because politicians can’.

Now personally I ain’t smart like politicians but my guarantee is (thus the name). So, under this guarantee, I work on your emails till you are satisfied and happy. How is that for a guarantee?


The stuff you could have in your mind at the moment:

So how do I start?

Do you have more sample work (and more proof)?

Can I sell your emails?

You write for ANY industry?

Do you write sales pages too i.e. copywriting?